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Holy Grail Vortex

Holy Grail Vortex written by Gayle Mack

The Holy Grail Vortex is a standing columnar wave (below) created with the power of your words and intent.  It is the Sword and the Cup. In Grail history, it is the use of the Sword and the Cup that manifests the Holy Grail.

Most importantly, the Holy Grail Vortex is an energy system. It is a complete antenna system that shifts, re-tunes and brings balance to issues and circumstances whether it be personal, for local community or world-wide issues.

The Holy Grail Vortex has been used to heal communities, heal loved ones and self; to send prayers and supportive energy to areas in crisis and diffuse weather patterns, to name a few.

You must ALWAYS ask permission from your God source and Mother Earth before you send your intent out through her grid lines. Ask that your intention be for the Greatest Good of ALL concerned; with harm to none. Trust what you hear or sense.


For several years, I used the HGV to send prayers and healing energies globally and just trusted that it was done. I realized the immense power of this tool at a Temple of Sakkara conference in Michigan. A severe storm had come up unexpectedly, generating a tornado, which was coming across the lake directly in line with our location. We had hundreds of campers and vendors set up on the property, not to mention the homes along the lake that were in danger.

Five of us went out into the yard and formed a circle. We held hands, with our thumbs pointing to the left and created the Holy Grail Vortex. As per our intent, we watched the tornado dissipate before our eyes. The newscasters were saying, “Did you see that? Where did it go? It’s gone!” I knew at that moment, that this tool was extremely powerful!

With the influx of HAARP and C.E.R.N. generated weather patterns and occurrences, it became my regular “go to” tool, whenever greater powers were needed. It truly is a blessing for mankind.

The concept of the HGV was given to Mary Hardy from Colin Bloy, a renowned dowser, who founded Fountain International. It was named Fountain Int’l after the Brighton Fountain (shown above) in England. This was the first focal point used in testing the theory of community healing.

Within months, the people of Brighton shifted the crime and violence in their community by focusing their prayers and peaceful intent into the fountain.

The fountain became a four tiered conductor transforming into a standing columnar wave. The collective prayers from the community traveled from the fountain along the natural electromagnetic grids and ley lines and bathed their area with love, peace and harmony. The transformation process took just a few moments of their time each day.

This technique has been used successfully in many towns and cities around the world. Every city has a sword and cup, whether it is a fountain, a dome and an obelisk or circle garden or park and a statue. If you don’t have one, create one.


Energy moves along natural grid lines. Ley lines and grid lines, such as, Curry / Hartmann Lines flow around and through the earth.

Thoughts are energy. ALL things are the manifested through thought. Therefore, thoughts and prayers can travel around the earth through ley and grid lines; connecting with other people, cities and continents.

Mary Hardy brought this concept to the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire and the Temple of Sakkara and it became known as the Holy Grail Vortex. 


Anyone can use the HGV, once you understand the process.

I will walk you through the “How to” of creating the HGV and then we will create one together.

Let’s begin. Decide in advance, the intention that you wish to send out. Once that is done…

Visualize a beam of Divine Christic Light coming down from the Heaven’s into the center of the fountain. If you are not at a fountain or statue, it can either be at a focal point in front of you or if you are doing a personal healing, bring the Christic Light through you into your heart chakra.

This forms the Point of Light. You will now place your intent into the Point of Light. Visualize your intent emanating from the center. We refer to this step as the “Sword,” as in the sword and cup.

We will create four energy vortexes or circles of energy. Start with the smaller circle in the center if projected in front of you or at the first tier at the top of the fountain or hand/ head of the statue. Each circle of energy is visualized larger than the one before it.

1. The First Innermost vortex is spun Counter clock wise (CCW). This brings the energy down to Earth. Visualize a circle of energy spinning CCW around and from the Point of Light.

Once again, for global, community concerns, use a fountain, statue or a point out in front of you. In a group, you would all focus in on the same point. For personal healing, it can be around your body. This step establishes a standing columnar wave. You have now tuned or programmed your HGV with your desired intent.

2. The Second vortex is also spun CCW. Visualize this vortex spinning out from the second tier or a small distance out from the first on the ground or your body.

This vortex allows the Elementals and Higher vibrational beings to tune the frequency of the sword (as in “the sword and the cup”) between our stated intent and the desired results for the Greatest Good.

3. The Third vortex is spun Clockwise (CW). Visualize this vortex around the third tier or at a distance out from the second vortex. Reversing the flow of energy returns it upwards and creates ‘Cup’. Visualize the energy coming up to form the cup. This step sends energy into the fourth dimension.

4. The Fourth outermost vortex is also spun Clockwise (CW). Visualize this energy vortex spinning at the bottom of the fountain, the base of the statue or a distance beyond the third vortex on the ground or body.

This allows the Elementals and Higher vibrational beings to tune the frequency of the Cup to our stated intent and the desired effect for the Greatest Good.

So, now we have four vortexes spinning CCW, CCW, CW, CW, with your intent in the very center.

The size of your vortex and the distance between each circle of energy depends on you. Generally, when one uses the HGV for themselves or a loved one, it tends to be more compact with a shorter distance between the vortexes. Each HGV will be different depending upon its intent. Use your intuition and trust what you receive.

When using this tool for personal healing, you may place yourself at the center point for healing or you may project your loved one in the center. When you wish to work on someone other than yourself, it is wise to have their permission. You do not want to place your will over their will, even if you feel your will, intent or prayer is good for them.

Take care that you are not interfering with their personal path of growth or learning. When it comes down to it, you would not like someone placing their will over yours. To be respectful on all levels, simply ask for the Greatest Good of ALL concerned; with harm to none.

The same principle applies when you are sending your prayers and intent to a situation, a specific location or merely sending your intended blessing to our beloved Gaia, Mother Earth. Please be respectful on all levels and include for the Greatest Good of ALL concerned; with harm to none.

We are able to create the Holy Grail Vortex by ourselves or with a group. Remember, when two or more gather, the power of intent magnifies. When holding hands in a group circle it is important to have all thumbs pointing to the left. This allows the energy to flow smoothly.


The etheric Templar Knights asked Mary Hardy and the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire to use The Great Invocation when creating the Holy Grail Vortex, because it is heartfelt and it is a non-sectarian invocation. 
Holy Grail Vortex Workbook

However, being a world of free will, individuals are free to change the wording of The Great Invocation to suit their own world-view or create their own invocation that is meaningful to them and holds a positive Love vibration. I sometimes use the simple prayer of “I am Sorry, Please forgive me, I Love you; Thank you!” or “I am Joy, I am Love, I am Light, I AM!”

Most often though, I use The Great Invocation because I connect with the message that it conveys.

When you have finished the process, give thanks and go about your day. The Holy Grail Vortex is energy-driven, therefore, when the work is complete and the prayer or intent is no longer required, the supporting energies will dissipate and the HGV will collapse on its’ own.

It is important to form a clear, strong intent. Be precise in what you are asking for. Keep in mind, that you are programming the HGV with your intent. Whether your intent is to heal yourself or someone else from an illness, to divert a tornado or weather system, to bring Good will back into human consciousness, or to heal Mother Earth, make your intent simple and clear. The more precise you are; the more effective the HGV will be.

So now, let’s put it all together. For this demonstration, the intent we will use is to “Restore the frequency of Unconditional Divine Love to humanity with Grace and Ease; for the Greatest and Highest Good of ALL and with harm to none”.

We will also use the Great Invocation below.

Alright, let’s ask permission.

“Mother, Father God, Divine All That Is and our beloved Mother Earth, we wish to send our intent through the Holy Grail Vortex. Have we your permission?”

“Yes, we do.” Let’s begin the process.

Visualize a beam of Divine Christic Light coming down from the Heaven’s into the center point of your HGV. This forms the Point of Light.

Now, place our intent into the very center point of the Light. Visualize the vibration of our intent emanating from the center, (For the video, say intent silent.)

1. Visualize an energy vortex, a circle of energy spinning CCW from and around the Point of Light. CCW brings the energy down from the Heaven’s. Now say:

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men

Let Light descend on Earth. 

We’ve now created the Sword.

2. Go out a foot or two from the first vortex or to the second tier of the fountain and spin the Second vortex CCW, as well. This vortex allows the Elementals and Higher vibrational beings to attune the frequency of the sword between our stated intent and the desired results. Now say:

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

3. Now, go out several feet from the second vortex or down to the next tier and create a Third vortex that is spun Clockwise (CW). Now say:

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men

The purpose, which the Masters know and serve.

Reversing the flow of energy returns it upwards and creates the ‘Cup’. The cup broadcasts out into the fourth dimension.

4. Go out several feet from the third vortex or to the base of the fountain and create the Fourth outermost vortex that is also spun Clockwise (CW). Now say:

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Divine Power restore the Plan on Earth.

This allows the Elementals and Higher vibrational beings to tune the frequency of the cup to our stated intent and the desired effect.

And so it is! It is complete. With humble gratitude, thank you and Blessed Be!

It is that simple. Enjoy the blessings and the Joy that will come from using this Divine tool. Please, share it with your friends, as it is a Divine Gift that is meant to be shared.

In purity and love, Namaste!

Gayle Mack

Connect to the Sisterhood of The Emerald Fire at www.holygrailvortex.com

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