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Mask Removal

     Mask Removal Facial Treatment

I offer facial mask treatments

Coming Back to oneself - taking off our own masks

This is a facial treatment that removes imprints in our physical, emotional and energy bodies.  It leaves you feeling light, happy and looking less stressed.  Removing our masks allow us to be more of our authentic self, more confident and more aware of our oneness with all that is. The process includes the use of Jade rollers and assorted brushes, no creams or lotions are used.

From the creator of the Mask Removal Process -

The entire world is a stage and all men and women are merely players.

Your face is what you are.  It is by your face that other people recognize you.  What is a person’s face? It is the main part of our image which we most often look at in our communication.  That is our visiting card.

Each day through all our lives we feel various emotions and all of them get reflected in our faces.  While talking with someone we not only listen to what they say but keep watching their gestures and mimicry.  We are not usually analyzing but just get the whole impression of their image.  People are used to hiding their problems from others.  We keep playing our situational roles wearing corresponding masks but sometimes we take our masks off.  Then we have to choose a face for ourselves and that face becomes a mask.

Our real problems are gnawing at us from our insides.  As time goes by we find that we are not able to share our problems with others.  Why is this so?  Why are we afraid to show what is inside of us?  Why is it so difficult to admit it when we are wrong?  Why do we hide our wrongs?

The answer is that the image we have been building so elaborately would go pop on the spot.  Our real feelings and emotions would show as they are.


To schedule a private session:

  • Send an email or call me to determine place, date and time
  • Send physical and/or emotional issue you want help with
  • Send electronic payment or pay at session with credit card or cash
  • Fee:  $150 - 1 to 1 1/2 hours

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