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The following prayers are ones that I learned years ago from Kari Chapman of the Namaste Retreat Center in Rock Lake, WI. They absolutely work and have had a profound impact in my life and my spiritual growth. I am very grateful to Kari for sharing them with the world. Some of them Kari learned from b.j. King, Namaste Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK and has passed them on to us.     Jean

Grounding:  Kari Chapman * -- Open the sole chakra in each foot with a cross starting from the toes to the heel and side to side. Automatically an opening is created with your intention. Pull out 7 cords of energy with intention, one cord representing each chakra ( energy centers in the body ). Breath slow and deep through your nose and out your mouth. Taking a deep breath and while exhaling deliberately and with intention send beams of energy from the soles of your feet to the central core energy of the mother earth. You will feel, see or know a large sphere of energy, of gold and white light pulsating ( the great central sun ) , PLUG into this energy and become one with it, feel it. Taking another deep breath, and as you exhale, deliberately and with intention open your heart in love and appreciation for earth, yourself, each other and all levels of your Oversoul. Taking another deep and as you exhale open the crown of your head. Taking another deep breath and as you exhale send a beam of energy from the middle of your brain into the highest level of the Oversoul that your physical body can stand energetically, deliberately and with intention seeking communication with all levels of your Cosmic Christ Consciousness self. You will feel, see or know another large sphere of gold, white and violet energy, PLUG in and become one with this energy. ( when we ask you to breath, breath IN through your nose and EXHALE out your mouth, very slow and deep ). At this time bring down 3 bubbles of protection from your soul/ God/ Creator. The first bubble of protection will be a blazing white light bubble at 12 feet out from your physical body, 360 degrees around you, then bring down another pink bubble of protection inside the white one at 8 feet, 360 degrees around you, then bring the 3rd violet or purple bubble of protection down inside the pink bubble at 4 feet, 360 degrees around you, then make the valid intention that NO ONE may penetrate your bubbles of protection. This REALLY works on keeping me protected from people who try to take my energy.

Prayer of Exorcism:  bj King *  -- Holy Mother/ Father God of Light, Divine Creator of All That Is, Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness I deliberately call forth to the energy of Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy ( a group of angels whose job it is to move lost souls out of the astral plane ) to enter the body, home, automobile and place of work of ________________ to remove all negative influences and entities. I ask that these energies and entities be taken into the Light for transmutation and that there be no negative side effects physical, mental or emotional to _______________'s body. I ask that ____________'s body now be triple sealed ( it is helpful to think of the person in three bubbles of light- purple, pink and white ) against any further return or invasion of negative forces. ( you can tone at this point ). You do not have to have the persons permission to do the exorcism, because possession is against spiritual law. Use this EXACTLY how it is stated. DO NOT CHANGE any of the words.

I AM prayer:  Kari Chapman * -- The I AM Presence is the ONLY power active within ____________/ my, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. So be it and so it has been accepted. Thank You and Amen ( 3 times ) .

White Light invocation:  Kari Chapman * -- Divine Mother Holy Father, Creator of All That Is, I AM filled and surrounded with the blazing White Light of the Beloved Creator. Nothing but good shall come to me and nothing but good shall go from me, I give thanks and Amen, ( 3 times ).

Christ invocation:
  Kari Chapman * -- I invoke the Light of the Christ within. I AM a clear and perfect channel. The Light is my guide. ( I do this one 3 times ). I give thanks and Amen ( 3 times ).

Clearing:  Kari Chapman * -- I deliberately and consciously give my soul and the CCC permission to take out of my personality and my emotional body any anger, fear, doubt, judgments, ego, insecurities, jealousy, and anything else that is no longer needed for me to genetically operate out of in order to perform my mission and soul contract or that which no longer serves my highest good. Thank you and Amen, ( 3 times ).

Forgiving Prayer: 
Kari Chapman * -- I forgive myself and I forgive ALL others for the learning experiences that I / We have created. So Be It and So It Has Been Accepted, Thank you and Amen.

Soul Infused:  Kari Chapman *  Through the authority vested in me by the CCC, I pray to become a more soul infused personality. I give my soul and the CCC , permission for additional strings of consciousness to come into me, without fear or any negative side effects to my physical, mental, spiritual or emotional bodies. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ).

It is also suggested that we intend and agree to live from the definition that, I AM God working ( or expressing itself ) through the personality of __________, ( insert your name ) on the 3rd D. of Earth, for the benefit of Earth, all life on the Earth and beyond ! SAY this DAILY !

Oversoul Communication:  bj King * -- I AM deliberately making a valid intention that all communication today on the 3rd dimensional level will go through my Oversoul only to all others Oversouls. This is to include all phone calls, letters, and in person. And I make the valid intention to communicate with my own soul on all levels at all times. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ). This will give you a much higher level of communication with the soul, and NOT through your emotional body and not the physical body which holds all the judgments, fears, ego, anger, doubt.

Release prayer:  Kari Chapman * -- This is a wonderful prayer for all and works GREAT for walk-ins. Through the authority vested in me by the CCC, I deliberately and consciously ask for Divine Intervention from all my master guides, teachers and angels, the Master Jesus and Master St. Germain/ the Violet Flame of transmutation, to be present and receptive to me NOW. I deliberately take in this amethyst water/elixir or breath to remove and transmute ALL toxins, traumas, residue and addictions from the prior soul out of the cells of my body, with no negative side effects to my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. I ask this to be released through normal elimination systems. I pray for a graceful transformation and transmutation from all personality, cellular and genetic transformation. I identify these as no longer needed or wanted. I ask for all those things to be released, dissolved and transmuted. I release them, now. I now claim only that which is to my highest good and for the good of all concerned, I breathe in the Violet Flame of transmutation, and I breathe out all those things that are no longer needed or to my highest good. I ask that this be released ONLY to the highest degree that I can energetically tolerate. Thank you, Amen ( 3 times ).Do this until YOU feel complete.

Angels of Sound: 
  Kari Chapman * --  invoke the presence of the Hathors and Shamael, Angels of Sacred Sound, May the sound of light surround me, May the light of sound guide me, May sacred sound come through me for the harmony of all. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ). The Hathors are one of the most loving energies that I have had the honor to work with for toning. They are a race of beings from the higher dimension of Venus. They are masters of the grid of sound / tones and LOVE.

Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki:  You do not need to be a Reiki healer to use this mantra: Just for today I shall not worry. Just for today I shall do my work honestly. Just for today I will not anger. Just for today I shall respect and be kind to all beings. Just for today I will accept my many blessings. :-)

Tuning Fork of Discernment:  bj King *-- Through the power and authority vested in me by the CCC, I deliberately call forth a Tuning Fork of the CCC energy to be placed within myself NOW, for the resonance of it increases my Discernment capabilities. I ask for this to be increased daily to the highest level that I can energetically tolerate. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ).

Tri-Fold Flame:  bj King *-- I consciously invite the increase of the CCC, Tri-Fold Flame within my heart and I ask to have it increased daily to the highest level that I can energetically tolerate. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ).

Wheel of Karma Release:  bj King *--Tell everybody you know to do this, say it aloud. I declare and accept moving my Body, Mind, and my Consciousness, all my Property, into the law of Harmony, Balance, and Grace. I deliberately step off the wheel of karma. So Be It, and So It Has Been Accepted. I AM now karma free ! Bless You .Thank you and Amen (3 times ). 

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