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Uttati Essential Oils

                          UTTATI Essential Oils, the purest, highest vibrational oils in the world.

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To pace an order go to my contact page and send me the NAME, SIZE and QUANTITY for each oil you want to purchase. I will then send you a Pay Pal Invoice.  If the PayPal invoice meets your approval, make your payment and your products will be sent.  If you wish to pay with a personal check or money order I will process your order after the check or money order clears my bank.


  • There is a standard minimum order of $50 and shipping is usually $7.95.
  • All shipping charges include $50 shipping insurance.
  • Due to the volatility in the markets around the world and the price fluctuations, the actual price may be different when you receive the final quote.
  • Return Policy: essential oils are not returnable.
  • Allow 7-10 days for shipping.

      Please call if you have any questions:  847-254-4938



In the Egyptian language, the term Uttati encompasses the meaning of both the Sun and the Moon. It represents the balance, harmony, health and well being offered by Uttati International through its essential oil products.

Uttati founder Raed Rady is a Coptic Christian with religious traditions that date from the time the church was established in Egypt by St. Mark. He can trace his family's involvement in the art of essential oils and aromatic medicine to the time of the Pharaohs. His personal commitment to the modern use of essential oils for healing combines the best of science along with healing traditions that have been passed on for generations. As a result, Uttati brings a unique perspective to the production and use of essential oils for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Raed Rady is a master formulator who understands how to blend essential oils with synergistic ingredients for optimum therapeutic effectiveness, potency and sensory appeal.

UTTATI Corporation
Offers only the purest forms of essential oils produced under time proven optimum conditions. They are not adulterated or diluted in any way. They contain no additives, extenders or preservatives of any kind. These pure oils are the result of the collective wisdom, skill and artistry of Raed Rady's family network in Egypt, which has been dedicated for generations to the production of the highest quality aromatic oils possible.

Essential oils come from organically grown plant materials extracted during the first press of the distillation process. First press oils contain the optimum balance and potency of the plants unique complex components the way nature designed them. The use of first press oils ensures the integrity of their aromatic as well as therapeutic qualities and properties. Ultimately your own personal perceptions are the best judge of quality. You must experience and compare our products to other manufactures to fully appreciate their superior quality and value.

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